Tired of creating social media content?

What if there was a way, you could automate content creation ?

Presenting 🎉,


An A.I.🤖 based tool to quickly design social media content, in bulk.

Save your time on creating content for your social media channels.

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How it works?

Step 1

Take your Text-based content or choose from pre-defined category.

Step 2

Paste it in the "container" and choose desired customatizations.

Step 3

Click Generate and Download the Files, Ready to be posted.

I know, I am not aligned but..

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    More FAQ

    Q.1 Does it have support for Windows / Mac?

    It is an online tool! You can create content, even on your smartphones.

    Q.2 Who is it intended for?

    It is for anyone who creates content for social media but doesn't like spending precious time on it.

    Q.3 I have one question..

    Please feel free to contact us on Twitter.